Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Bloggy Brunch

Hey guys - I know it's been a while since you've seen me around the blog. In fact, it's been close to a month. This wasn't my original intention at all when I decided to take a short break. However, it's the way things worked out as I focused on my mental health and my family - primarily my new little baby boy. Motherhood has thrown me for a loop in many unexpected ways - that's a topic for another post though. Today, I'm bringing you a long overdue Bloggy Brunch post along with some details about the future of the link up. It's not disappearing but we are making a few changes for sanity purposes!

It's been quite a while since I shared this link up. My co-hosts have continued to post it weekly but I found it to be another thing on the to do list that was never getting done. I've since then revamped my to do list and improved my time management skills so that I can get more done in less time. I've also been working with the baby on sleeping better which means I get more sleep (that one isn't a guaranteed win every night though).

Since several of the cohosts have more on their plate lately, we've decided to scale the link up back a little. Instead of hosting a Bloggy Brunch every Sunday, we'll be hosting it once a month - on the last Sunday of the month. We'll also be encouraging everyone to link up their favorite post for that month. This will allow us more time to visit and highlight the wonderful blogs that link up!

I've got to get to a crying baby, so I'm going to leave you with the link up. I hope to be returning to the blog somewhat regularly in the very near future. After all, my notes are loaded with blog post ideas!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Little Spring Cleaning

I've been working hard to continue writing for you as I balance life with a newborn. It hasn't always been easy, but my blog is still a "happy place" for me. That being said, my happy place is in need of a spring cleaning. I can't write and work on the cleaning, so I'm going to be stepping away a little in April to clean the place up. I hope you understand! I've still got a few Moments that Matter features lined up and I'll be continuing to post Bloggy Brunch on Sundays.

I'm not disappearing - I'm just going to be working on a few back end things. You can find me on any of my social media or join me in Hodge Podge Moments: The Community on Facebook! We have a daily happy hour, which is just a light discussion among friends.

We're also kicking off the Healthy Habit Hop this week (we start April 10), which is a mini challenge designed to help you change your habits. The group will be filled with accountability, motivation, and friendship as you work towards making the changes you want to make in your life. There's even a nifty free printable included as part of the challenge!

So, while I'm doing a little blog spring cleaning, why not hop on over and join me Hodge Podge Moments: The Community?

Monday, April 3, 2017

Moments that Matter: I Finally Chose Courage Over Comfort And Never Looked Back

It's Monday, which means it's time to introduce you to another influential woman through the Moments that Matter series. I'm excited to have Emily Swanda sharing her story on the blog today. I first met Emily a few months ago when our paths crossed in one of the many groups that we're in. Since then, I have come to admire and look up to Emily for her passion to help moms through her Facebook group (more on that later). I hope you'll enjoy her story of how she got where she is today by choosing courage over comfort.

In general I don’t consider myself a risk taker or a person who has wild and crazy dreams. I’m pretty traditional and like routine, consistency and to play it safe.

During my childhood I loved school, got good grades and stayed out of trouble. As a Type A personality I planned everything out and kept my nose to the grindstone even during college. I felt successful, but I never really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.

The fact that I launched my coaching business last year was a huge milestone for me because I finally got the courage to break free from my comfort zone, take a risk and start working on the biggest dream of my life. It was a time in my life when I finally felt confident in myself and felt that I had value to share with other women.

What made me finally take action?

I was tired of​ envying​ other coaches in the online world and new that if they could do it, then so could I.

I was tired of ​wondering​ what my life would be like if I was a coach and wanted to see it for myself.

I was tired of ​complacency. I wanted to grow as an individual and I wanted to make a contribution to the world by using my talents and gifts.

I began to realize that I had the internal drive and motivation to begin building my coaching business. It would be a long road, with lots to learn and several obstacles to cross, but I made a decision that I would do what it took and move a step forward each day.

I can’t take all the credit for my big, bold move. I have to acknowledge the love and support from my husband who always has my back. When the self-doubt started taking over, he was there to remind me that I am capable of great things.

He was there for me when I decided to quit my full-time preschool teaching job 5 years ago and work on growing the housecleaning business that I started back in college.

He showed the same support as I launched this business. I can’t even count how many hours he has listened to my business ideas and things that I hope to accomplish in the future.

Each day I show up in my business with a mixture of feelings and thoughts.

Am I good enough?
Do I have what it takes?
Am I talented enough?
Can I create products and programs that women want?
Does anyone really care what I have to say?
What if I fail?
What if I succeed?
What will I do to celebrate my first 5-figure month?
How much impact can I make in the world?
Will my work inspire someone else to work on their dreams?

Finally being in a profession that I feel so passionate about is liberating, exhilarating and so exciting. I love being able to help women on a deeper level than just by cleaning their homes and making their life a little less stressful. But it never felt like “enough”.

I can now make a bigger impact on their lives and teach them skills that they can use the rest of their lives. I get to show women what it’s like to live life with a well designed plan to reach success.

One of the main lessons I try to teach all my clients is that belief in yourself is the first step of reaching all your dreams. My life didn’t start feeling “right” until I decided to believe in myself and go for it. Like the quote says, “All good things are on the other side of fear.”

If you find yourself tossing an idea around in the back of your mind as to what you want your future to look like, don’t neglect it. That idea is there for a reason. Really consider the possibility of it coming true.

I am a prime example of someone who almost didn’t make her dream come true. We are all meant for great things. It’s time to free yourself from all those self-limiting beliefs.

About the Author

Emily Swanda is a Productivity and Success Coach for women who want to design their ideal, meaningful life. She helps women look at all areas of life and build it in a unique way that feels right for them. When your life feels good to you and is bringing you the meaning you desire, everything falls into place and you are on your way to massive success and happiness. As a wife and mother of two very active boys and owner of two businesses, she relies on strategic systems to help her stay organized, achieve her goals and design the life she wants.
You can find her at or in her Facebook group: