I’m so excited to be launching a new blog! I have blogged before and enjoyed it, but life always seemed to get in the way. This time, I’ve got more free time and bigger plans for my blog. In the past, I have focused solely on my writing or on reviews related to books. This time, I’m going to focus on several of my passions. To give you an idea of what to expect, I have posted the weekly schedule below. I may divulge away from this schedule from time to time, but I hope to stick to it the best I can.

My Posting Schedule

Monday Munchies – I will post about recipes I have tried that have been successful.

Tuesday Talks – This will be a day of random topics. It could be reviews, interviews, random ponderings, etc.

Wednesday Writes – This will be the day I talk about the craft of writing – what is behind the stories?

Thursday Thrift – This day will be a hodgepodge of talking about crafts, decorating, and staying within a budget. It’ll focus on making use of what you have.

Friday Fun – This will be a day of random topics. It could be reviews, interviews, random ponderings, etc.  This will also be the day for any contests I choose to host.

Saturday Snapshots – This will be the day to showcase some of my favorite photography pieces and to talk about the art of photography.

Sunday Stories – Each week, I will share a short story or part of a story. This will be where I share some of my writing.
As you can see, Saturdays will ordinarily be devoted to snapshots from my photography collection. I divulged away from that today since it was the kick off of my blog. I am looking forward to sharing my blog and thoughts with you.
Since it is Saturday, here’s a snapshot to keep with the theme!
This is a picture of my sweet pup Ella. It was taken with a simple camera instead of my DSL-R, but it is an important shot because she is posing for the camera for once. She normally doesn’t slow down enough to pose. I will share more of her story in upcoming posts. She has definitely touched a spot in my heart.