When I originally started this blog (yes, about two weeks ago), I set up a schedule for myself to follow. I would talk about this on Monday, that on Tuesday, etc. I felt it would be better for my readers and myself to keep track of things. I’ve since then been thinking – can you really categorize life? Can you really schedule when you talk about things?

Take today for example. Today is technically “Thrifty Thursday” according to my schedule. Do I have thrifty things to talk about? Of course! I always have thrifty ideas I could share. I’m a pro at clearance racks and I definitely know how to save money. But, is that what I want to talk about today? Definitely not. (What I want to talk about today isn’t going in a blog post – just yet – though.) Therefore, the questioning of my schedule came about. And this question rose above the rest – can you really categorize life?

See, this blog I set out to make about life. Not just my life, but life in general. I want it to cover the ups, the downs, and the fun in between. I don’t think you can schedule that stuff. Instead, it would be best if I just went with the flow of life.

So, therefore…this blog is officially going with the flow of life. I will resort to my schedule (or linky parties – I’ve been experimenting with them on my teaching blog and enjoying them) where necessary, but I will also tell you about life – my life, the lives I observe, and everything in between. I’m going to tell you about those “stolen moments” that we all take for granted.

No quote is necessary tonight. The hanging on my living room wall says it perfectly: