I’m not going to lie – the topic of this particular blog post changed every time I sat down to write it. At first, I was going to focus on the binders of unfinished novels that Crystal and I found. Then, I was going to talk about why I chose to start this blog. Then, I was going to talk about getting organize and my goals for this blog and life. All of those got scrapped this evening after I looked at two things on the web.

The first thing was a teaching blog that I follow. It belongs to one of the girls I work with and I enjoy her posts on there. The latest post caught my attention – she had created a summer bucket list for herself full of things she hoped to accomplish this summer. Head over and read her bucket list when you’re finished here!

The second item that caught my attention was actually a pin on Pinterest. It led me to a blog called Achieving Creative Order and a post about creating a visual bucket list for her kids involving clothesline and clothespins. It looked really cool and I’m thinking of creating my own (adult version) soon!

Both of these finds gave me the idea to create my own bucket list for the summer. It’s included below for your viewing pleasure! I spent last night being creative for education, so I felt this deserved some creativity as well. The border is from Classroom Freebies. (I do believe in giving credit where it is due!)

My primary focus for this summer can be summed up into three categories – blogs, teaching, and writing. There’s a move somewhere in there and some crafts I’m sure as I set up the new apartment but my primary focus is on my writing – which includes my blogs. The other focus is on my teaching and preparing for a new grade – this also includes one of my blogs.
What’s on your summer bucket list? Do you have a blog post about it? If so, link it below and share your goals with us so we can cheer each other on!