I have discovered today that I’ve got the worst case of writer’s block. I had this story (novel-size worthy) that was giving me snippets and pieces at leisure. I was enjoying putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I was really getting excited to write this novel during Camp Nano in July. For those not familiar with Camp Nano, it is a challenge that asks you to write a novel in a month. This sounds daunting but I was looking forward to attempting it again – and in a month where my plate isn’t full.

These ideas were coming and I was writing them down as they came. I was excited as the characters and fantasy world came together. I have names for the world and for the characters – names that I’m in love with. The fantasy world has pieced together quite a bit and little bits and pieces of the plot had found their way to me.

Then, the unthinkable happened! The ideas just stopped. I have no idea where to go with this story now because my brain decided to take a break. It shouldn’t be allowed to do that. I’m not liking this case of writer’s block. I’m hoping this next week and moving into my new apartment will spark some ideas. If not, I’m going to have to go looking for them!

I’m not willing to share any of the details of this story (primarily because I want them to sit with me for now), but I may share some snippets if I get it up and going. Until then, I can share a song that will be making it onto the “soundtrack” for when I settle down to write this novel.