Today started off wrong. It felt like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The AC went out last night and I had to wake early for maintenance. Then, I had a fight with the printer and the printer won. In the middle of battling with the printer, I debated giving up my plans for the day. Crawling back into bed sounded like a better option.

I didn’t though. I didn’t cancel my plans – instead I went through with them and I’m glad I did.

What were my plans? They were to go to an open craft day that I’d heard about through I’ve gone to other things through this site, but it’d been a really long time. Something about going to meet a bunch of strangers can seem a bit overwhelming – especially when things are going wrong.

My goal had been to work on number pennants for my classroom during the open craft time. With the printer not cooperating, I had to find a plan B. So, I decided to make reading pointers for my classroom instead out of a few craft items I had lying around:

I packed up my craft supplies, including scrapbooking paper, and headed to the location. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I open my bag after sitting down and find that I somehow forgot the Washi tape that is pictured above. It was a necessity for my craft (to cover the stick), so I moved onto plan C.

What was plan C? Well, the girl in front of me had paper punches with her and offered them to me when I realized I’d forgotten my Washi tape. (Great way to make new friends, right?) So, I spent some time punching out shapes.

Then, I played with the button machine someone brought to the party. I love going to things where people are sharing and looking out for each other! I have to say the items I made from the button machine were my favorites!

I ended the adventure by finding two pairs of black flats at Payless Shoes! I have been looking for black flats for weeks now, so I was over the moon excited to find two pairs that fit well!

All in all, the day turned itself around and I’m truly glad I pushed forward and continued my plans instead of going back to bed. Hopefully I remember this day the next time I have a bad start to my day.

Have you ever tried out the site If you haven’t yet, I recommend giving it a look! It’s a great way for meeting people and trying out new things.