I decided to head up to the school to see how things are progressing with moving things into my new classroom. My stuff was still in a giant pile in the old classroom. However, I did have tables instead of desks in my new classroom, which was a request I made at the end of the year. This made me happy. Below are some pictures from today.

As you can see, it looks like a colossal mess. This is not an unusual sight for a classroom over the summer though. I’m really not worried – I know I can make this room super cute by the first day of school. Even though I’m not worried, that doesn’t mean I’m calm about all of this. My mind went into freak-out mode today when I realized how much stuff there is to do in under a month (yes folks, it’s back to school in less than a month!).
I sat down and tried to create a to-do list. Of course, it was a very organized to do list broken down into categories and everything else. I couldn’t focus on it from all the chaos running through my head though. Plus this hurt foot (still can’t figure out what I did to it) didn’t help. In my defense, I applied heat tonight.
I have a few errands to run tomorrow (Post Office and Dollar Tree – yes, again) but after that I think I’m going to focus on breaking down this to do list, creating a few things around the apartment (which would allow me to cross off things on the list), and writing. I’m very, very behind on my writing goals right now. I need to get my focus away from teaching and back to writing – at least for a few days.
I’m off to read for some inspiration and then I’m likely calling it a night. You can bet that this heating pad will be following my foot to the bed…