Ever since I decided to move, I have become obsessed with making things organized and easier to find. I think part of it comes from having to downsize. In my head, I think it’ll all look better and be easier to deal with if it’s organized and pretty. The first organization project that I’m going to share? My closet!

The Before: 

Tonight, I took ALL of the clothes out of my closet and reorganized them.

I had great help in this endeavor. Isn’t my furbaby just super helpful?

I did two things in this organization attempt. The first was to organize by color. This is not new for me. I had my clothes organized by color for a long time before I moved. I just realized it was easier to move the clothes without worrying about keeping colors together – especially since I had helpers!

The second goal came from a tip I found somewhere (probably Pinterest). This tip was to turn all of your hangers around. Then, after you wear something, you hang it back up the right way (after washing it of course! No stinky closet here.) So, what did I do? I turned all of my hangers the wrong way!

What did I learn from this experience? I have a LOT of solid colored tops, but barely any prints. I guess I need to widen my print options.

And that folks is how I organized my closet!! How do you keep your clothes organized?