I have done so well in July with posting everyday. However, today I sat down to write and found myself with a bad case of writer’s block. I am not a fan of writer’s block – it always seems to hit at the worst moments – when you actually want to write! (On the other hand, ideas always seem to hit at the worst moments too – shower, driving, etc.)

I debated what to write and then it hit me! There was a blog post I wanted to do a while back that I kept skipping because new ideas kept coming. What a perfect time to pull out that blog post!

Back in June, I created a summer bucket list. I knew I would need things to keep me busy and distracted during a long summer with very few concrete plans. So, I shared this with you:

Today, with about 20 days left in my summer vacation, we’re going to revisit that list and see how many things I have accomplished!
1. Move – check!
2. Decorate new apartment – double check! (I just need to share it on the blog!)
3. Moments to Teach blog – Go visit it here: Moments to Teach   I have been keeping up with it as well.
4. Write a novel – Eh…working on it? Okay, I need another swift kick to get me back on this one. I have written 10,000+ words to date in the month of July. I want to write more.
5. Try out new recipes – I haven’t tried as many as I’d like, but I have been trying them here and there.
6. Photography – I’ve been keeping up with my Capture It! challenge. My next step is to branch more into freelance.
7. Read three or more books Beautiful Redemption, Catching Fire, & Mockingjay   That’s two series I can now provide reviews for. The most recent book I’ve started on is Graceling by Kristin Cashore.
8. Classroom décor – I’m working on it daily. You can read about it at my teaching blog.
9. Stolen Moments blog – You tell me? How am I doing with it?

Well, I’m off to craft, read, or write. I haven’t decided which yet! Hope your week started off well.