Today was spent with great activities and wonderful friends. I headed out to a local event with my friends called SHE Charleston. It was an amazing event geared towards women with cooking demonstrations, craft workshops, vendors, a runway, and so much more. Below are a few of the highlights in pictures!

The day started with a free mimosa in the cutest little plastic cup ever!

We headed to the Home Depot booth for a do-it-yourself activity.

A little tile and grout later…

It was a messy project, but quite fun!

Free press-on nails! This is a bit wilder than I normally go for but that’s okay! We’ll see how long they last…

I told you there was a catwalk!

 A better shot of my nails.

There was also free hair styling.

This is how much stuff I brought home with me!

Most of the stuff was included with the $8 entry fee, but there was also shopping to be done. I found this cute little stemless wine glass. I purchased 2 for $8. (Shhhh…one’s a gift!)

I also purchased this sugar lip scrub after trying it at the event. It left my lips feeling soft and it was edible! No more nasty wax taste.

Panera bread for $2!

Free & cute!

The finished mirror. Very cute if I do say so myself!
Even Ella had to check out my loot!!