So, today’s guest post is coming straight from my bestie N!  You’re going to finally get to learn a bit about her – straight from her!

Without further ado, I present….my best friend!

Given that my oh so lovely best friend is off running around having fun, I have offered to attempt to entertain her readers for a day.

At first I couldn’t think what to post, but then I started a new writing project. It has vampires, werewolves, witches, elementals and lots of crazy things going on. I hope to work on this for NaNoWriMo, but for now I wrote up a rough (very rough) version of the backstory. I hope you all enjoy it.

DizzyGrace (aka skyangel2009 on the NaNoWriMo site)

The first scientifically confirmed supernatural was far from the first actual supernatural. In the stories of the various groups, tales of their kind stretched as far back as humanity. As far as anybody knew, they existed the entire time, but remained hidden due to bias and an utter lack of numbers. The humans had created plenty of stories about supernaturals. Some of them accurate; others completely off base. It didn’t take a vampire queen to turn a new vampire. Werewolves were easily mistaken for real wolves; not half man, half human beasts. Witches didn’t look any different from a human nor was fire the only way to kill them. Elementals didn’t look like the fairies of Peter Pan. However, vampires would die if exposed to sunlight. Silver inflicted wounds took the longest to heal and were the best method of killing werewolves. Elementals had complete control over earth, fire, wind or water. Thus they lived close to were these were abundant; mountains, volcanoes, praieries, and lakes or oceans respectively.

As the years ticked by, vampires and werewolves turned more humans – explaining a good number of the missing that were never found. More covens produced offspring and their numbers climbed. As humans threatened to destroy the last of the elemental strongholds, more were born. The only people who knew how that happened were the elementals themselves. With their numbers finally stable, they began their fight. No longer were they willing to be relegated to the shadows on the edges of society. It started out a peaceful fight – campaigning for rights and trying to merge with society. That lasted only a year. As supernaturals were attacked or killed, the supernaturals proved what humans feared most. There was no competition. The supernaturals fought in a way the humans couldn’t defend against. So they did what they they did best. They created new weapons specifically for their new supernatural foes.

For a time, it worked, but in the long run it just served to bring more and more supernaturals to the front lines. One by one, countries fell into the control of different supernaturals. Australia fell to the elementals that lived and thrived in the Outback. England fell to the werewolf packs. Russia fell to the vampires that had long lived in the northern reaches. Witches were able to gain control of the United States with surprising ease. The rest of the world slowly followed suit.