I have met so many interesting people through this month of interviewing writers! I hope you are having as much fun getting to know these lovely ladies as I am. (By the way, I’m not sure why I have only interviewed ladies so far. I suppose I should find a male guest for you.) Here’s another lovely lady for you to learn more about! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really impressed that she writes in two different languages! My next writer for you is Josie Vidal!

Josie Vidal
1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I would describe myself as a Renaissance chick. I studied the sciences (biological basis for behavior) for 3 years in college, only to leave a short while ago to pursue the arts more freely. I have a deep love and respect for both the Sciences and the Arts, and I believe they are completely entwined: the more I learn about either, the more they look like the other!
To me, spirituality brings both Science and Art together beautifully. As a result, I am a very spiritual person. I teach youth every Wednesday about different topics revolving around spirituality.
I live in the U.S., and have for quite a long time, although I am natively from Ecuador.
Aside from that, I am a painter! I love to paint, and if I am not writing, you will surely find me painting.
2. Tell us about you as a writer.
As a writer, I have only recently started taking myself seriously. Before that, even though I did write, I wouldn’t call myself a “writer”. I am currently unpublished.
I began writing more seriously about 2 years ago. I began writing in my native language of Spanish, which was odd for me because I rarely, if ever, wrote in Spanish. But, I wanted to capture the drama and other-worldliness of the legends and songs I had heard growing up. I wanted to reconnect with my people on that level; to share in the wonder and awe of the mysteries of the world. I feel like sometimes people, including myself, act like there are no mysteries left in the world. So I went seeking to find them, and to recount the stories and impressions these wonders left in me.
From there, writing just kind of blossomed into being many things for me! I switched into writing in English as well about 8 months ago.
3. What type of writing have you done? What is your favorite and why?
Generally I write short stories and literary (often autobiographical) fiction in both English and Spanish. I also write essays.
I love writing essays from a particular character type’s point of view. They will be ideas I want to discuss and explore, but from a character’s personal point of view who has more authority on the subject, and a stronger more passionate voice about it. This would be, for example, a discussion about homelessness from the point of view of a homeless mother of two children. It requires a lot of research and really getting into a person’s heart and finding out what they mean to say, not just what they do say. I believe everyone’s got a story.
One of my favorite things is when the person whose story I am helping to tell says “YES! That’s exactly what I mean!”
4. What three things do you need at your side when you write? Why?
As I write, I need at least one thing that reminds of what I am specifically writing about that strikes an emotional chord within me. It may be a picture or the person themselves, or a gift they gave me; whatever works.
A cup of tea or coffee never hurts, in my experience, to have around as I write.
My headphones are the last thing I need by my side. They are a must! The music however depends on the tone and mood of the piece. I have hours and hours of playlists dedicated to just single pieces of writing! It also helps me to come back to the same space I was in before, should I not be able to write the pieces in one go.
5. What advice would you give to other writers?
To other writers I say believe in your story. Even if your skill is not there yet, keep working at it, because your story is worth telling. Even if you have to rewrite it a thousand times to get it to where you want it to be, believe in your story. Not in your words, not in your ideas, but in your truth.
6. Where can we find out more about you?
If you would like to find out more about me or my writing/artwork/life check me out at my new site: