And I’m back with another lovely writer for you! I’ve got another military wife for you, which seems very fitting the day after Veteran’s Day. Make sure you read her advice to writers! It’s some good advice. 🙂

Michelle Smith

1. Please tell us a little bit about you as a person.

Hi! My name’s Michelle Smith. I’m a military wife, momma, and YA author.

2. Tell us about you as a writer.

I was never one of those kids who dreamed of being a writer one day. I have, however, loved books since I was tiny.

I began writing seriously about four years ago. I’ve written a few novels, most of which will never see the light of day. In May, I self-published my YA Apocalyptic, which is entitled KINGDOM COME. Since then, I’ve actually found my footing in YA Contemporary stories. I signed with my agent in July for my first YA Contemp, and I’m currently working on my next.

3. What types of writing have you written? Which is your favorite to write and why?

I mostly answered this in number two. 🙂 Though my self-published novel is a YA Apocalyptic, I’ve discovered that my passion lies in YA Contemporary. Of course, I’ll never say never to other genres!

Young Adult fiction is such a passion of mine. There’s something about that age–all the emotions are heightened. Things are so new, so fresh, so real. There’s something magical about capturing the moment of that first kiss, or when a character falls head over heels for the first time. It’s also a path of self-discovery, and realizing there’s so much in the world that’s just there for the taking.

4. What are the three things you need at your side as you write? Why?

Water, pen/paper, and headphones. I use the pen and paper to jot down any random thoughts that hit as I’m typing, and the headphones are there so I can play my music as loud as necessary.

5. If you were to give other writers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Allow yourself to suck. Writing is a learning process. Think of writing like any other skill. Would you pick up a guitar and automatically know how to play? Heck no. You’re going to strike a few awful chords. The same goes with writing. All you can do is keep practicing.

6. Where can we find out more about you?

I’m on Twitter (a lot) @msmithbooks. I also blog at