So, I was going to write this lovely blog post about the role the military has played in my life – it’s a BIG one after all, but then a headache struck. I suppose I will have to make a more fitting post tomorrow.

I couldn’t go to bed without saying thank you to all those who serve! My dad retired from the Air Force after serving over 20 years of service and my boyfriend is currently in the Coast Guard. To say that the military has played a big role in my life is truly an understatement.

I also have many friends and other family members that have served in one branch or another. My mom and I started listing people the other day and decided we know at least one person that has served in each of the branches of the military. The military means more to me than simply protection.

Thank you to all those who put their lives on hold so that the rest of us can enjoy ours. You are greatly appreciated!

And please remember to thank these men and women EVERY day, not just on the one day a year that is set aside to honor them.

This picture was circulating around today and I love the way it is done, so I wanted to share it. I wish I could give credit to the person that created it though. For now, it shall remain in the credit of “Unknown” as so many things on the internet do.