So, I had planned on posting another interview today, but that was before today happened. Now, I felt I should share a happy moment. There’s still time for the rest of the interviews.

Let me back up to my week. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner and I’m thankful that I will have a few days of downtime. My poor students are overworked and due a break as well. This coupled with being sick and a few other non-school related events has made for a whine-worthy week. It started Sunday (complete with banging my head on the washer) and continued throughout the week.

I can’t say that today was perfect. It certainly wasn’t – I spent the day explaining to kids all about the golden rule of treating others nicely. However, today was certainly made brighter.

I was in the middle of a turkey craft with my students (which I completely forgot to take a picture of!) when I got called to the office to come “pick something up.” I never like it when I’m called to the office in the middle of the day with kids in the classroom still. That usually means urgent and urgent doesn’t always mean good. The nurse came down to watch my class and I headed to the office, wondering what could be going on.

I walked into the office and was told there was a delivery for me. Our assistance principal moved aside to reveal a beautiful flower arrangement. My thoughts were “who could have sent this?”  I immediately opened the card and found that it was none other than my sweet boyfriend. 🙂  He knew I’d had a rough week and wanted to make it a little better.

This is the first time I’ve ever had flowers delivered to me. I’m not a crier and yet the gesture almost had me in tears. I am so happy to have him in my life. It is a special man that can make you smile from across the country.