Sunday, January 12, 2014

Improve ME

One of my goals for this year is to work on eating healthier and exercising more. It's not about weight loss for me, but rather about living a little healthier.

As with the goals I posted yesterday, everything starts THIS week!

Today was grocery day and I made sure to do two things before I went shopping - meal plan for the week and make a list of things to shop for. The purpose behind these two things was to create a healthier plan for my foods (more eating at home) and avoid spending extra money at the store. So far, things are off to a great start. I have a full week of menus planned (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks - yes, I even planned out my snacks!). They may not be the healthiest, but I'm starting this all in baby steps. I also avoided buying too many extras at the store, which is another win for the outing!

Here are a couple peeks at things I did today to start the week on a healthier foot:

I bought lettuce and shredded it myself for salad. I'm hoping this lasts longer than those store bought salad mixes I usually buy.
I chopped cucumbers. I will be using these for two purposes - snack and salads - hence the two different sizes.

I did the same thing with baby carrots. I always like to have these on hand for snacks and for doggie treats (carrots are good for them!). I also chopped some smaller for the salads.
I created a salad for tomorrow's lunch. Yes, you will notice cheese and bacon bits on this salad. I know these aren't healthy for you, but I don't want to waste food and these are still in my fridge. It's still a healthier lunch alternative to canned pastas or easy Mac, which often make it into my lunchbox.
I need to find new containers for better storage. These took up a lot of space in my vegetable drawer. Those will be something I look for soon!
I also created a smoothie for tomorrow's lunch from Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, and apple cider. I used the apple cider for the juice because I already had it on hand. I'm not sure what I will use in the future.
It's all neatly in my fridge ready for tomorrow! One secret of healthier lunches and me is preparing them ahead of time. If I wait until morning, I grab the easiest thing possible, which is often the least healthy item as well. You'll notice the yogurts on the next shelf - those make great breakfasts as well since I eat after I'm at work!
My snack for tomorrow is a banana and possibly celery with peanut butter (if I put this together in the morning). I have a meeting after school and will definitely enjoy a snack during it.
My first steps in a healthier me is eating at home more often and exercising each night. I will slowly start to modify the foods I eat as well.
I will be linking up in the future!
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