February is quickly approaching and it’s got me doing some thinking. February is the month when most people celebrate the love they have in their life. We have Valentine’s Day to blame for the mushy, romantic stuff that comes with February. Well, Valentine’s Day and the aisles of decorations, cards, and candy in the stores.

In case you can’t tell, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I never have been. I used to think that it was because I was single. Then, last year, I learned that it’s a holiday I could do without. For me, it’s always been the little things that show me love – not some elaborate display on a designated day. The surprises and small moments are what make a relationship great in my opinion.

Anyways, I’m getting off topic here. February is coming and with it comes the mushy romantic stuff. I’ve decided I’m going to dive right in and make love the focus of my blog in February. Before you turn away and tune me out for the month, let me explain. Love comes in many forms – family, friends, significant others, pets, etc – and should be celebrated in its many forms. I’m going to take February as a month to explore and celebrate love and all that goes with it.

So, grab your favorite thing to sip and sit back for a month of personal stories. I’ll include moments of triumph, along with moments of embarrassment. I’ll offer you my tips for online dating and explore some of the “rules of dating” that are outdated in my opinion. I’ll share my favorite chick flicks and a few book reads. I’m even going to share some of my long distance dating experiences with you. It’s going to be a month filled with honesty, stories, and fun here at Stolen Moments. I hope you’ll stick around and maybe even join in on the fun!

Oh, and in true February fashion, I’m even going to try my hand at writing a chick lit novel in February. I’m so used to young adult fantasy that I’m looking forward to trying my hand at a new genre. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even share an excerpt or two with you.


On a side-note, I’m debating hosting a link-up for online dating tips – anyone interested in joining in on that?  (Leave a note in the comments or email me stolenmomentspam@gmail.com)