You’re in for a treat today. You’re getting two posts! This first one will coincide with a new linkup I found that’s right up my alley! The second will be my “What I Wore” post that typically occurs on Wednesdays.

For the Whimsy Wednesday linkup, you get to share your crafts and DIY solutions. I’m excited about this because I just spent Sunday at TWO different craft get togethers.

Here’s a few of the crafts I worked on:

Wine Cork Pendants
First step is to gather up corks and cut them into small pieces. I used a regular kitchen knife for this, but I am sure there are better options out there!

Once you have your pendants formed, you’re going to need stamps and an ink pad. I cut ten corks or so and this was the resulting pile.

I bought small stamps at the craft store. They are about the size of a cork so they work perfectly. You can also use parts of bigger stamps to create cool designs.

The last step is to put the image on the cork using the stamp and ink. Then, take eye hooks and screw them into the top to create your pendant. For added fun, you can paint the cork as well.
 Thank You Cards
These were a very basic craft made using card stock, stamps, and ink. I adore the polka dot mustache stamp that I found at my local A.C. Moore. It was on sale too – so added bonus!
Tulle Wreath
I found some tulle and a wreath in my craft supplies. I decided to see what I could create. I’ve now got a white tulle wreath, but I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for. I will be adding more details later. I’m just not sure what exactly. Any suggestions?
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