After my first failure with online dating, I said I wouldn’t go back to it. I guess I figured that I would just happen across a guy the “old-fashioned way.” I busied myself with school and finding my first apartment to share with my sister.

Boredom and curiosity struck in the middle of summer as it always does. As a teacher, I have too much time on my hands in the summer. This is what led me back to online dating. This time, I met C through online dating. He seemed nice, but not particularly “my type.” (I didn’t really have a type but I felt he wasn’t “it.”)

When I returned to the online dating world, I decided that I would be more “cautious” this time. I wanted to talk to him for a while before meeting him to make sure there really was interest. I dragged out talking for about a month before I finally agreed to meet him. Our first date was for ice cream, which appealed to me – it was something different!

I can’t say that I was ever truly interested in C, but I did start to like him quite a bit in the two months that we dated. He was a nice guy who cared about me at the time. However, he didn’t challenge me or introduce me to new things, which was something I was looking for.

While he was a nice guy, he was terrible at the “breaking up” part. (I need to take a moment to flashback to high school for you. I dated one guy – he broke up with me via email.)

With C, he stopped communicating for a couple of days and when I did finally get him to respond to a text, I was greeted with a “I can’t do this right now” message. Essentially, I was dumped via text-messaging! (I guess it’s a step up from email.)

Oddly enough, I didn’t turn away from online dating again. Instead, I viewed it as an opportunity to see what else was out there…
Have you been dumped in a bad way? Tell me about it in the comments!