A while back, I pinned a recipe for garlic knots that sounded easy and delicious. I went out and bought the Pillsbury breadsticks required for it and never quite got around to making the garlic knots. This was a problem.

I decided to solve the problem by adding them to my weekly meal plan. My thoughts were: If it’s on the meal plan, it’s much more likely to get made and eaten. I was completely right! I made them tonight to go with my pasta and I couldn’t be more satisfied! I will be making these again in the future.  (I did substitute olive oil instead of canola oil.)

The finished garlic knots – super yummy!

I’d never had Pillsbury breadsticks before so I thought I’d make a few the normal way. In my opinion, they are way better with the parmesan garlic topping I whipped up based on the garlic knot recipe.

My complete meal! It was quite a yummy dinner.
Honestly? I’m still slightly surprised that I cooked a full meal on a Monday…