So, a couple weeks ago, I posted about my attempts to get healthier. I set out to eat healthier and even made specific choices at the grocery store for this. Enter a couple of crazy weeks full of weird schedules and bad news and this didn’t quite work out. Add on top of this the fact that I discovered I have a lot of not-so-healthy food (including freezer meals) in my kitchen that need to be used up and I’d call it a small failure (small because I have not fully given up).  I’m taking a step back from the food side of this goal for the next two weeks. In those two weeks, I’m going to use up things around the apartment. This doesn’t mean unhealthy eating, it just means less healthy than I would like (read: a lot of pasta which equals a lot of carbs). I can’t stand to waste food though. So eat it, I will!

While I’m using up the food already in my kitchen, I’m going to start on the other half of the goal – EXERCISE.  Exercise is a hard one for me because it’s hard to find time to fit it into my day. I’ve developed a starting place though that I feel will really help me build up to a good exercise routine.

Drum roll…

I’m starting with 10 minute workouts! Everyone has ten minutes in their day that they can give up, right? And youtube has TONS of 10 minute workout videos, right? This seems like a good starting point, right?

The best part? I started today! None of this “I’m starting tomorrow.” I decided on this path of action late last night and started on it today. No big “planning” period for this!

I set up my gym…

My gym partner tagged along…

(This is what Ella does when I try to exercise. It’s an interesting game for a while.)
I turned on my wii and found the private youtube playlist I made of 10 minute workouts.

I worked out and then I made myself a delicious glass of water with lime wedges. (It was so yummy that I drank several before heading out for my writer’s group.)

I’ll be posting the workout videos I use over on my Facebook page if you want to follow along. Today’s was a ten minute Buti workout that combines dance and yoga. It was challenging and fun.

I’ll be getting back to the healthy eating bit after I use up some of the food in my kitchen. I’ve already pinned several recipes that I want to try including cauliflower pizza and spaghetti squash!

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