My third attempt with online dating was probably the worst – not because the guy was terrible but because I didn’t stand up for myself. It was during a rough time in my life and I started a pinterest board called “Cheer Up.” I pinned so many quotes to that board during this relationship. I learned a lot from the relationship.

This one started a week after the previous relationship. I immediately went back to online dating and found myself sucked back into chatting with strangers. One stood out due to his ability to make me laugh and his constant interest. Within a week of talking, we had plans to meet.

The first date was coffee and a walk through downtown. I’m not even sure if it qualified as a date since it was simply talking and I paid for my own coffee. We did set up plans for the following weekend after the date.

It turned out he couldn’t wait until the weekend and we met again during the week. I found the interest and surprise of things intriguing. It didn’t last though.

In the beginning, we saw each other about once a week but it quickly tapered off to once a month. I always blamed it on our schedules (I worked days, he worked evenings) but looking back, he just wasn’t that into me. And I didn’t say anything about it. Honestly, I debated breaking up several times but didn’t follow through due to a rough year at work and grad school. It was easier to stay than to end things.

Since the year was so rough, I scheduled two things for the summer that I could look forward to. One was a cruise with a friend. It was loads of fun and I got away from everything for 5 days. (If you’ve never been on a cruise, I highly recommend it!)

I returned from the cruise (literally the day I returned) and got a call from this guy. We had been dating for 8 months at that point (I told you it dragged on). He was breaking up with me (by phone!). I was more upset by the timing of it than by the actual break up. I wanted to enjoy my return from my cruise and instead I got to deal with a break up.

Despite the way things were and the way they turned out, I’m thankful for that relationship. It taught me a lot about myself and led me straight to meeting J…