I was going to link up with 5 on Friday and then I found this linky by Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition. It’s a confessions link up and I definitely have some confessions to share this week!
Confession #1
I have not been very good with the healthy eating this week. I did great Sunday – Wednesday and even logged my meals and exercise (what little there was) using the Fitness Pal app. It is really helpful to see the numbers in print.
Thursday was a different story as it was the weekly dinner with my mom and sister. Mom ordered pizza and that wasn’t exactly healthy. Today was duty free lunch at work and there again – unhealthy choices.  I’m getting back on track this weekend.
Confession #2
I miss exercising. When I was doing blogilates daily, I felt good about myself. New things were added to my schedule lately and it’s eating up my evening hours. I really need to figure out a good time that works.
Confession #3
The reality of moving became very real this week when I sold my desk. It hasn’t been moved from my apartment yet, but knowing that it’s sold puts things into a different reality. BIG changes are coming in my life – it’s exciting and scary at the same time.
Confession #4
My apartment needs cleaned and organized. It’s been driving me crazy this week. (Lack of time to exercise also means lack of time to organize like I originally planned!)  Spring cleaning is definitely due and I think I need to figure out how to break it into manageable parts.

Confession #5

The computer turned off while I was writing this post and I completely freaked!  By some stroke of luck, everything was saved when I got back to it!! Yay for automatic saving. 🙂