It’s report card time! That’s always a stressful time of the quarter for a teacher because it means getting it all organized and put onto a report card. (Especially when your report card has several things you have to fill out for each child.) Add in tutoring on top of an already busy week and a couple of meetings and I found myself needing a little extra prep for the week.
 After some searching on Pinterest, I decided to start the week off by making all of my lunches on Sunday. It means I’ll be eating the same thing everyday, but I hope to eventually branch out to making diversified lunches for the week.
I made a casserole that I enjoy very much. It uses chicken, rice, and vegetables. If it weren’t for the condensed soup involved in the recipe, it’d be a very healthy recipe. As it was, I used the 98% fat free variety of soup. It was enough for five days of lunch.
Now if only I could fit exercise into this busy week, I’d be one happy girl! I’m working on figuring out how to keep up with the exercise when life gets a little busier than normal. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know!