I headed to Hobby Lobby with mom today to look for stuff for my nautical theme. Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned…
I found many cute nautical items but in the wrong colors. (I’m looking for yellow and navy not red, white, and blue.)
I took some pictures to remember the items. (Yes, I was the girl pulling out the camera in the middle of the store.)
We left the red, white, and blue stuff to come across some of their “summer” décor. I found this piece and fell in love with the colors and quote on it!
It had a few scratches on it, so I passed it up but I did end up with a few other things in this color scheme and a decorating scheme for spring. My nautical stuff will have to wait a bit longer for summer since this new scheme fell into my lap today.

Everything I bought was on sale and I’m looking forward to brightening up my living room in peach, turquoise, and gray!