I’ve been working on coming up with new décor for my apartment. The red and pinks of Valentine’s Day have run their course and I decided not to bring out my St. Patrick’s day décor this year. (Too much else going on to decorate for one month.) So, I’m jumping ahead to my nautical theme! This is one of my favorite themes (I think I say that about every décor theme I do!).
Below are some inspiration pins that I’ve found. I’m going to be doing a yellow and navy theme with anchors. I’m planning to make quite a few pieces, so keep an eye out for future crafty posts!
This is the inspiration for my color scheme – yellow chevron and blue dots. 🙂
Fun nautical banner.

Love the yellow chevron! Nice and sunny.

A quote I plan to use somewhere.

I love how cute this mantle is. I wish I had a mantle to decorate! 

What a cutie pie!
I can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow for fabric and canvas!!