There are several sayings that I dislike. They all fall in the realm of clichéd and are usually intended to cheer a person up. I’ve heard all of them more than once in my life. Below are three sayings that I think people should try to refrain from saying to someone who is in a rough patch of life.
“It can’t get any worse.” This expression is usually said to someone who is experiencing a rough patch. While the intentions are usually good and this saying is somewhat true, it’s still not something that soothes the hurting party. The sad truth of the matter is that things can always get worse and you never really know what life has waiting for you around the corner.
“I couldn’t do what you’re doing.” I have heard this one SO much since J and I started dating long distance. It seems that everyone wants to tell me that they couldn’t do what I’m doing. I know the sentiment is always well-meaning, but I don’t feel that it is the most sincere of comments. Unless you have been in the exact situation as the person you are talking to, you really can’t comment on whether or not you could do the same thing. This applies to more than just my relationship! Life is full of choices that we have to make. You never know what choice you’re going to make until you actually face it. We can’t put ourselves in someone else’s shoes as easily as we seem to think.

“Everything happens for a reason.” I love and hate this saying. I love it because it’s true. I can pinpoint reasons for almost every negative event that has happened in my life. Each thing has defined me and set me on the path I’m travelling. I hate it because it’s always said when you are in the midst of your crisis. When you are in the midst of a bad thing, you can’t see the reason for it happening and you typically don’t want to think that there’s a reason to the madness. So, while it’s very true, it’s also not very comforting in a tough time.

I’m not innocent when it comes to these phrases. I know I’ve used them all at some point or another (sometimes with a disclaimer even). They are phrases that I feel should be used cautiously though.

What are the clichéd sayings that get under your skin?