Everyone talks about spring cleaning. They talk about the process they go through to clean their house and rid their house of all of the junk in it. This is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t help with the junk that builds up in your life. And if your life is the slightest bit like mine, I am sure you encounter junk on a regular basis.
What do I mean by junk?
I’m talking about the negative influences on your life. Maybe it’s the person who always posts depressing statuses on social networking. Maybe it’s the friend who’s always complaining about something or another. Or maybe it’s the person who’s always telling you that you “can’t” do something.
Somehow, these negative influences manage to creep into our lives without us noticing. They seep into our being and bring us down. Every now and then we need to step back and ask ourselves “Are these really the best people for me to be around?”
This spring, I challenge you to do a little spring cleaning in your life. Clean out your Facebook friends. Detach yourself from negative surroundings. Leave yourself a love note here and there. Make some positive changes – for you. After all, if you don’t love yourself, how is someone else going to love you?
P.S. I know that we can’t get rid of all negative influences…some people we just have to learn to cope with. 🙂  But those ones you can get rid of? Seriously consider the pros and cons of it all!