I found a great workout last week. It was fun and I hurt for two days after the workout. I could definitely feel where my muscles had been worked!
What was this great workout?
I’ll give you a picture clue…
I spent Thursday evening sweating as I worked my way through a pole fitness class. It only lasted an hour, but I felt the results for a couple of days!
How did I find this class? One of the meetup groups that I’m a part of had it as an upcoming meetup. I’ve always been curious about pole fitness (because I’d heard great things before) and decided that it sounded like a great outing. The meetup was $21 and that seemed reasonable for a night of trying something new. I’m always up for trying something new.
I enjoyed the class so much! We started with some stretching that resembled yoga and pilates put together before moving onto different pole moves. After we worked on the pole, we did some conditioning moves with the poles as well. Those were really a workout on my arms, legs, and abs. Like I said, I hurt for days.
Poles are usually associated with strippers, which is what had me leery about trying pole fitness. However, this class was not about strippers. Instead, it was about having fun and getting a great workout! I loved it so much that I’m even considering joining in on the next 5 week stretch of classes before I leave SC!
To top it off, our instructor took this adorable picture of us after class!
So, what’s your favorite form of exercise?