Today is Father’s Day. I opened the “edit post” tab thinking “how do I want to celebrate dad today?” I found no words would come. Not because he’s a bad dad. Not because I don’t have great things to say about him. It’s quite the opposite – there’s so many great things about my dad that I have no idea where to start. So, I think I’m just going to do a quick five things I love about my dad. They won’t necessarily be the “top” things, but they will be things that come to mind. Words really cannot express how awesome my dad is.
1. I love the way we always came first in his eyes. He found time for us and made it special.
2. I love the way he has always supported me in my dreams – whether that be becoming a teacher or moving to California.
3. I love the way he can build almost anything I dream up (my cubbies in my classroom and the great coffee table I have in my living room come to mind).
4. I love the way he loves animals – especially my furbabies. Ella is just as much his as she is mine.
5. I love the way he loves my nephew. It makes me understand why I had such a good childhood.
I wouldn’t trade my dad for anything. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!