Hey everyone! I’m here again with another blogger spotlight. Get ready to take a moment and discover another great blogger! 
Today, I’m going to be sharing a little bit about one of my sponsors. I’d like to introduce you to Amanda! She blogs over at College is Love. I have to say that I have really enjoyed having her as my sponsor because I have fallen in love with her blog! Take today for example – I logged into Facebook to check in and she had a link to her latest post, which is all about business cards. She even celebrated #tbt with a link to another post about Vistaprint. After reading both posts, I realized that I still needed to order business cards of my own! I headed right over and got to work on that (more on that in another post though)! She has worked with a lot of different businesses, include the Hope Soap Project, which sounds like a really cool shop! I highly recommend that you click on her picture below and hop on over to her blog! It’s well worth a moment of your day.
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