For the past month, I’ve been looking for a great blogger planner that I can use to keep track of things. I’ve learned that the bigger your blog gets, the more organized you have to be! I searched and searched but I couldn’t find one that fit my needs and was free.
I’m not one to give up, so I found another solution to my problem. I created my own blogger planner. And you’re going to benefit from it too! I’m offering my blogger planner for FREE!  Take a look at some of the pages below and then go download it for your own personal use!  If you do end up using it, all I ask is that you thank me in some way – a pin, a comment, a share.
Brainstorming Page that works with Post-It Notes

Store all your login information in one spot!

Keep track of your posts and how you’ve promoted them!
Click this picture to get the planner for FREE!!