You may have noticed a lovely pair of boots that are hanging out on my sidebar. If you haven’t noticed them, then take a look now!

These boots are made by Gipsy Dharma. Gipsy Dharma carries a wide selection of boots and clothing. They also do giveaways where you can win a free pair of boots!

When Gipsy Dharma approached me about sponsoring my blog, I went straight to the website to look at the products and fell in love with this lovely pair of leather boots. They would be perfect for going to the Renaissance Faire! (one of my favorite pastimes)

I also fell in love with this bag. It’s cute and would look great with many different outfits:
Want something a little bit more festive than the boring blacks and browns. (I love blacks and browns by the way, but color is always nice too!) Gipsy Dharma has just the thing – colorful boots! Isn’t this just a lovely shade of blue?

Like what you’ve seen?  Head on over to the site or Facebook page to check out more styles and enter one of the great giveaways!
I’m curious – what would you wear these boots with?
*This is a sponsored post. Gipsy Dharma has been a sponsor on my sidebar this month. All images are copyright to Gipsy Dharma. However, all opinions are my own!*