Hey everyone! It’s Thursday – that means another Blogger Spotlight. This week I’m featuring another one of the lovely girls from my California Bloggers group. In fact, she’s the one who started the group and let me join even though I’m not “officially” there yet! I’m ever so grateful for that because I’ve already made some great friends before moving!
I want to take a moment to introduce Gina from California Scrappin! She is a very creative girl who loves to scrapbook with her family and friends. She shares many of these pages on her blog along with other stuff as well! I love seeing the creativity she comes up with. 🙂
I always ask the blogger in the spotlight about their favorite post. It helps me find new gems on their blog for us to enjoy! Gina pointed me to this post as her favorite. I went to read it and the very first line caught my attention immediately. She says “Scrapbookers are never caught up.” This is SO true! I attempted scrapbooking when I was younger and this was one of the reasons I ended up giving up – I couldn’t deal with never being caught up! (Although, I feel blogging is like that as well.) I admire Gina for her passion for scrapbooking! Make sure you click on one of the links shared above and go check out her page! You won’t regret it.