I spent last week travelling with mom. Our first stop was the Thirty-One conference in Columbus, OH. (I got so many free things, but those will have to be another post when I have a good picture of them!) Then, we headed to Muncie, IN where my parents are from to visit some friends and family. This week’s wrap-up will be a bunch of pictures from last week!
Columbus Zoo

General Session – Look at how many people were there! That’s a lot of good ideas and support in one place! I met so many new friends!

A selfie to prove I was there!

The super-cool journal that they gave us to record our thoughts and notes in. It was a smash journal complete with stickers and adorable pink chevron tape!

I got to see and touch all the new fall products. I’m super excited about what’s to come!

They unveiled new boxes that are coming! Order from Thirty-One and even the packaging will make you feel special. 🙂

The awards dinner that was served to us.

I didn’t get many pictures in Muncie, but I did get this one – the phone you order from at Pizza King!
I am so exhausted and I’m sure I’ll be even more exhausted at the end of this week because there’s so many things on my to do list!
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