I know I haven’t been posting as much as usual – that will return full force in October, complete with crafts, party posts, and decorating tips – the things I usually blog about. Oh, and of course I’ll have to try out new recipes now that there’s two to cook for instead of one! Until then, expect to see random “Life Lately” posts like this one and some great guest posts (that I’ll be preparing for you this week.)
September is going to be a whirlwind of moving and getting married. Our official move date is September 1st. We’ll be loading up a uHaul with all of my stuff and taking it across the country. (I am sure there will be stories to tell from that one!) Then, there’s the wedding that will be taking place on September 19th.
Here’s a recap of the past (busy) week:
We found an apartment in Concord, CA! And we lived in style with boxes for tables, plastic cups, and microwaveable food or take-out for four days. Our living room also served as our bedroom with our sitting/sleeping space being a blanket and pillows on the floor. Our first night there, we celebrated with pizza, wine, and a redbox movie.

Friday, we flew back to Charleston. Since we got in, we have been hanging out with family and friends as much as possible.

On Saturday, we went to the Farmer’s Market with E, who was there the night we met. We got food from a vendor and enjoyed a breakdance group. This guy flipped over EIGHT people at once!

She insisted on taking a picture of us in front of the Embassy Suites which used to be the Citadel. I have always loved this building because it looks like a big, pink castle. I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed as a kid when I learned it was just a hotel and not a castle.

Here’s another picture from that day. It is so great to have him around again.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom and sister to find my wedding dress. I had no idea it’d be so hard to find a simple white dress for the wedding. (I don’t want an expensive, typical wedding gown.) Let’s just say white dresses are out of seasons. After a day of searching, we did manage to find the perfect dress. I can’t show it to you yet (don’t want to ruin the surprise for him) but I will share the shoes, which were much quicker to find than the dress! Aren’t they cute? (And perfect because I can wear them again!)

I had a fun blog surprise waiting for me when we got in this weekend. A box came in the mail from Creative Spaces filled with goodies for me to use in crafts. I’ll be sharing these goodies with you VERY soon and they’ll even be doing a giveaway with it! I was blown away by how much cute stuff they sent! This crafter is very excited!