Today I want to put one of my very close friends in the spotlight! I have known this great girl for more years than I can count. We met online through a writer’s group and have been good friends since! From writing to love advice, we share a lot with each other. We’ve even taken our friendship off the computer and met in person!
I want to tell you a little bit about Lauren Orbison and the great new book she has out! Yep, that’s right – she’s a published author! (Hence the celebration!)  I highly recommend that you check out her new book Tortellini (click on the picture below). I’m not recommending her book because she’s my friend. I’m recommending her book because it’s a cute story with awesome illustrations! Just check out the cover below:


 If you do get her book, please leave her a great review on Amazon! If you’re not sure about how to write a good review on Amazon, please check out this article that her husband wrote! It’s full of great tips!

Go say hi to my friend and tell her I sent you over!