Good day everyone, I am Syaza from Bloobs Blurbs II ( Before I begin my topic for today, I would like to thank Pam for the opportunity of guest posting on Hodge Podge! Frankly speaking, this is actually my first experience in guest post so please be good to me 🙂

Topic: Making the Change to Your Money Destiny

Are you accustomed listening to your parents when it comes to money issue, where one of the things they usually would say “we cannot afford that!” I know I do. That said, do you realise these kinds of phrases actually made quite an impact on your view about money today? From the beliefs we acquired during our early years would eventually become habits – the unhealthy money beliefs we acquired are reflected from our habits of overspending, avoiding money discussions etc
Fret not! You CAN actually “unlearn” these negative perceptions on money that you were raised with. Here are the two most common ones:-
What You Hear: “I will give you an amount of money if you pass your exams!”
Hidden Meaning: “The harder I work, the more money I’ll be having”
How is it affecting you? This is actually typical especially to young adults who might have just landed a job. You think that if you work had you will have money. That’s somewhat true, but you will end up being ignorant of other ways to grow your wealth; e.g investment or buying financial products
Make the change! Be aware that you could actually let your money “work” for you! Some of the ways you can do is you can speak to a financial planner about investment options and then working with her to come up with some retirement savings plan (in some countries, government servant has this advantage automated when they are retiring). Or invest in an asset that can generate passive income, for example a residence that you could rent out to other people. And get this, you can also ask your bank manager for a recommendation of which financial products might be good for you.
What You Hear: “If you got it, flaunt it”
Hidden Meaning: “Expensive things shows how successful you are”
How is it affecting you? The good news is Yay! Your money, you can do whatever you want to do with it. As for the bad news? You will be living from pay check to pay check just so you could clear off your debt so you could continue on being in the cool group.
Make the change! Real wealth is not measured by what you own but by your net worth. So think cash, not unnecessary things. Create a budget for yourself so you won’t overspend. Try focusing on what’s important first, needs before wants. Clear off your debts first, and then only turn your attention to your cash savings. I know this is especially hard to the ladies, but try!
There are many more reasons out there, but as I’ve written earlier, there are always some ways for you to change your negative perceptions on money into a positive one. If you cannot do it alone, get someone close to help you 🙂