Well Hello There, I’m Felecia Efriann and I blog over at Hello Felecia dot com. I enjoy creating and I often share the things I create on Instagram. For the most part me in a nutshell, I’m a joyful person always smiling if not with my mouth with my eyes. I am a creative type, I work with children, and I am writing a novel. I am glad to be able to share with you all today on Pam’s blog.

Hello Felecia

1 | Sleep is a wonderful thing, and naps are a blessing. From the quick power nap to the 2-hour Oops I fell asleep.

2 | Silliness, like knock knock jokes and funny faces, often helps you laugh when you want to cry.

3 | A good book can provide the best adventures.

4 | My mother gives advice and warning from her own experiences and wisdom, listening saves me heartache & struggle.

5 | As long as I brush my teeth once a day and limit the amount of sweets I can go 24 years and counting without cavities (For the Dentists out there, “I floss as well”).

6 | A budget is helpful to keep track of all expenses and income.

7 | You don’t have to spend everything you budget for different things, coming below the budget is fun because you have more money to spend later.

8 | A savings is a good idea and an emergency fund is useful as well.

9 | You can’t plan for everything, some things happen and you simply have to roll with it.

10 | God is everything you need, He always provides. He has been there for every moment of my life.

11| Pool water turns green or dark blue when someone pees in the pool.

12| Blush can be eyeshadow, but eyeshadow doesn’t make the best blush.

13| Having goals are important, it help one come to a new year and have actually accomplished something.

14| New Years Resolutions don’t get done without practical steps and little goals to help you get to the ultimate goal.

15| Pray without ceasing and you always have access to the One who knows everything.

16| Just because you are a certain age does not entitle you for certain things. Each person’s timeline in life looks a little different.

17| With age wisdom does not always come, but experiences from which you learn from brings wisdom. You could be the youngest and have a wealth of wisdom that baffles those older than you.

18| You can graduate high school and not have to go to college. The key is you realize you never stop learning, and spend time learning in the day to day, improve skills your skills, have discipline to while chasing your passion.

19| There are many ways to make an outfit versatile by changing the way you wear an article of clothing.

20| Maxi Skirts can be dress too, all one needs is a belt and a cute cardigan. 21| You do use basic Algebra in real life, anytime you have to figure out the missing variable from the information you know.

22| The things you may think are so important right now, will not matter in 5 years. #liesyoutell.

23| I should stop saying what I don’t mean. For example, After babysitting a difficult child or encountering one at work, I tell myself I am never having kids or my kids will not be like that. In truth, I want kids one day in the future and I have no idea what my kids will be like.

24|My life mission is to Know God and to make him Known, so I want to Love God, Live Right, & Finish Strong.

I would love to connect with you, I am on twitter almost everyday, send me a tweet, I like to heart a good photo on Instagram, and I am constantly finding things to do through Pinterest. So be sure to connect with me, I would enjoy hearing from you. Anyhow that concludes the twenty-four random things I have learned in twenty-four years of life. Did you learn any of the same lesson?