The new year is coming. With it comes the pressure to change, to improve, to do something different. I love the concept of New Year’s resolutions but I find that they rarely actually work. Therefore, I’m developing something slightly different that I think you’ll really enjoy. Of course, that’s a topic for another day. Let’s just say be on the lookout for a cool new group to help you with your goals in 2015.
Today’s post focuses on one of the many things that people need in a new year to stay organized. I’m talking about the ever-wonderful planner. There are so many options out there that it’s hard to keep track. I normally start out with a store bought one in January and give up on it by February because it doesn’t have quite what I need to stay organized.
This year, I’ve been looking at planners created by bloggers that I admire and follow. While looking into these planners, I had the opportunity to review a planner from A Virtuous Woman. She has a variety of planners, including a FREE blog planner.  The planner that I got to review was the This is My Life Planner.
This planner was so full of great resources and thoughtful pieces that I don’t even know where to begin. It had your typical planning calendars to help you keep your days straight, but it also had lots of extra goodies as well. There were reflection and motivation pages scattered throughout the journal that I really enjoyed.
There were two things that I truly loved about this planner. The first was the extra pages scattered throughout to help you accomplish goals and live a healthier life (something I’ll be focusing on in 2015). These included meal planning, bucket lists, goal setting, and keeping up with the house. I love that this is all built right into the planner.
The other thing that I really loved about the planner was the motivation pieces throughout and the vivid colors. The snapshot below shows both of these nicely for you. I love the saying she put on this opening page along with the vivid colors that make me smile.
I had one thing that I didn’t like about the planner, but that’s due to personal preference. There were quite a few religious quotes throughout the beginning of the planner which was a deterrent for me at first. (It’s all personal preference but I’m not overly religious.) As I got deeper into the planner, I discovered that it was way more about planning and organizing your life than it was about the religion, which made me happy. I can definitely see me using some, if not all of this planner in 2015.
I’m now off to check out her blog planner because I didn’t realize that one was up on the website until I started linking this post!
Keep an eye out for more 2015 preparations and let me know what your resolutions/goals are in the comments!