So, this one isn’t quite a holiday recipe but it’s certainly something that you could throw together for a holiday party!
Last Christmas season, I hosted a small holiday party at my house. We hung out, swapped gifts, and decorated cookies. I wanted to keep the food simple but good, so I settled on a baked potato bar. Who doesn’t love a good baked potato when the weather is cooling down?
I baked the potatoes in the oven for an hour and laid them out on a tray for the party. This was the hardest part of prepping for this event! I also laid out some salad to go along with the baked potatoes. 

I put the toppings for both the salad and potatoes out together. I figured some of the toppings overlapped easily so putting them all together made sense. Each person was able to customize their salad and baked potato to their liking. I also included some chips for later when the munchies would strike!
I always like to have something crafty and cute at my parties. For this one, I found candy cane plastic straws and ball jars. I tied twine with a letter tag on each to help us tell our drinks apart. They were cute, fun, and festive!
Here’s a shot of it all set up. This was in my old apartment and I was using my large desk as a serving spot since we were using the kitchen to bake cookies!
Do you have a great holiday recipe or food tip? Link it up below!