A few months ago, I got back in touch with an old coworker. She shared her journey with Beachbody with me. I was very impressed with what I heard from her and others who had used the program. So impressed that I decided to give it a try for myself!  I’m going to be making some adjustments as I go along to make it easier for me to get into the groove of things, but overall I’m going to be following it exactly. It’s mainly the meal plan where I’ll be making adjustments because I know that I do best when I make small changes rather than massive ones all at once.

I have opened the box and I’m ready to get started. I also have the Shakeology pack, but I’m going to be waiting to start that later in my nutrition switch over. I’ll be starting on the workouts tomorrow morning.

I’ll be taking measurements and before pictures later this evening. (I won’t be sharing those on here yet for personal reasons.) I will be starting the workouts in the morning and working towards making diet and lifestyle changes gradually over the course of the program. I’ll be eliminating things that are bad for me and replacing them with healthier choices!

They even give you a handy calendar to help you keep track of your workouts. I hung it in my bedroom next to my Thirty One goal tracker and my stand up mirror. My closet door is slowly becoming a motivation board of sorts!

The other life improvement project on my plate for December is getting the last space of our apartment in organized order! Since we finally bought a desk over break, I can now organize all of our desk and writing stuff into a nice neat look.

What are your life improvement goals for December?