Today’s topic is Random Acts of Kindness. I think it’s super important to be kind to people all year round. Christmas presents a perfect opportunity to help out those around you.  
For today’s topic, I have created a printable that you can use to make people smile. Since it’s the 2nd Day, I’m giving you TWO ways to use these printables.
1. Simply print them, cut them out, and leave them in random places for people. (With a tip at a restaurant, on somoone’s door, etc)
2. Print out the printable and cut them out. Then, attach them to a candy cane and give them to random people you meet. This is what I’m planning to do!
Either of these ideas will make others smile, which is a big part of Random Acts of Kindness!! Click the picture below to access the printables!
Check out the rest of the random acts of kindness ideas below!
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