When I last shared our story, we were hopping into our uHaul with all of my stuff packed in the back and my red Chevy Cobalt named Rudolph on the trailer behind it. We were all set to head from South Carolina to California.
I bet you don’t think a trip in a uHaul is very exciting, do you? You’re right – there’s not a lot fun about travelling across the country in a uHaul. Certainly not how I pictured my first trip across the country (but that’s a different story anyways). 

In a nutshell, we drove (well, he drove), stopped for gas (expensive!), and stopped for food. That was about the extent of our fun on the trip. We also stopped for the night in hotels along the way. We made it across the country in about four days. 
I’d say that’s pretty impressive considering we were slowed down by this…

Yep – we got a flat tire. Not once, but twice! The first one was on the trailer and the second one was on the truck itself. I will say that uHaul has excellent roadside assistance. (And I wasn’t paid to say that!)

I spent a lot of my time attempting to take pictures out of the uHaul but it’s really hard to take pictures when you’re moving and the windows are dirty. 

We did see some beautiful sunsets, but the windows were too dirty to get a good picture for y’all.

After we got to California, we enlisted some friends to help us unload the uHaul and his storage unit into our new apartment before setting out on the road again – this time in a much smaller vehicle!
As far as unpacking goes, there really is only one story to share and that’s the fact that our couches wouldn’t fit through the hallway so we had to hoist them up the side of the building and over our balcony to get them inside. I wish I had good pictures of us with our rope and couches, but I was too busy trying to help! It was quite a sight though.  (I definitely do not look forward to moving them back out of the apartment someday!)
Check back Wednesday to read all about our “honeymoon.”  Yep, I’m saying the “honeymoon” came before the wedding! Check in next week to find out what I mean. 🙂