Sometimes a girl just needs a glass of wine and a great chick flick to help lighten the mood. There’s so many out there though that choosing can sometimes be hard! That’s why I’m bringing you a list of 13 (for Friday the 13th) great flicks to put in the DVD player and enjoy.

Here are some of my favorite chick flicks and what they have in store for you!

Irish accents. Love notes. Lots of tears.
Irish accents. Love, hate. Lots of quirky conversation. Louis!
Wit. Fun. Unrequited love.
Best friends. Patrick Dempsey in a kilt.
Jealous older sister. Growing up. Finding yourself. Lots of bridesmaids dresses.
This guy really shows what love is.
Military. Long distance. Tears.
Carrie Bradshaw and friends. Enough said.
Lots of mistakes. Finding oneself.
Even when you do everything wrong, it can go right.
Our past is a part of who we are. What impact does it have on our love life?
Different stories on the day of love.
This one is my absolute favorite. You’ve got Chris Pine, action, and quirky antics. And let’s not forget a main character that is easy to relate to!
I’ve shared some of my favorites. What would make your list of favorite chick flicks?

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