You may have read about the seven day clean eating challenge that starts March 2nd the other day. If you didn’t catch that post, then head here to read all about it now.
I’m excited to bring two other 7 day challenges to you today. Just like the clean eating challenge, they will be free and limited to a small group. The first of these challenges is the Spring Cleaning Challenge and the second is the Money Moments Challenge.
Spring Cleaning Challenge
This seven day challenge will help you get your house back in order before spring hits. It will include printables and tasks that will increase your productivity as you work through improving your home. We’ll look at cleaning, organizing, and decluttering in this challenge. Participate in the activities and tasks and you’ll have a cleaner house by the end of the week! (This challenge will start mid-March.)
Money Moments Challenge
Are you trying to save money? Are you looking to create a budget? This challenge will focus on helping you reach your money saving goals. We’ll focus on working with what you have. This challenge will include budgeting, building your savings, and finding good deals when shopping. (This challenge will take place mid-April.)

Clean Eating Challenge
This group will get you back on track with your health and fitness goals. We’ll focus on healthy eating, exercise, and staying motivated. Recipes, exercises, support, and free coaching will be included with this group!

All of these challenges are free and designed to be interactive. Participants will not only receive information from me, but also share information with other participants.
I haven’t even shared the best part yet! Fill out the form below and you’ll receive a free goal setting printable (seen below) via email. It’ll even come with directions on how to use it!