My lungs are having a hard time adjusting to California’s air quality and it is making me weak and tired with a headache today.  It’s no fun but I really wanted to get the next installment of my Wedding Moments series up. I’m sorry that it’s later than usual, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it!

I was originally going to go straight to the big day for this post. Then, I realized that I really needed to back up and share our engagement pictures with you! His cousin, Sarah and her husband threw us each a party before the big day. The guys played with guns and barbecue while us girls had tortellini and decorated mason jars for the wedding. It was a very enjoyable evening.  It was great getting to make things for the wedding with family involved. Each jar was decorated with love.

While we were sitting around chatting, Sarah asked if anyone had taken engagement pictures for us yet. She had gotten a new camera and was excited to try it out. I jumped at the chance to have some pictures taken of the two of us. Most of the ones I have are selfies where we’ve been out and I take one of us. We arranged the details and Josh actually picked out the location for the shoot. I wasn’t sure that he would agree to the pictures, so I was surprised when he not only agreed but even enjoyed them.  

We took lots of different shots and then headed back to his grandma’s house to pick out our favorites to share on the web. Below are the ones we chose to share as our engagement pictures!

Random sidenote: This was Josh’s first time seeing me with make-up on. I’m normally a no make-up kind of girl.  I let Sarah do my hair and make-up for the shoot though. It was kind of fun.

The dress I’m wearing in these pictures is actually the first dress I picked out for the wedding before finding the perfect dress.  I went ahead and kept this one thinking I’d find a purpose for it. It worked perfectly for the shoot!  And the shoes are my wedding shoes. I decided to break them in during the photo shoot, which was slightly entertaining as I sunk into the ground!

Which picture is your favorite?