I’m skipping over the getting ready pictures for this week. I feel pictures of the actual wedding should be shared on the week of Valentine’s Day. I’m definitely going to go back and share all of the fun my sister and I had getting ready for the big day. But today, let’s take a look at some pictures from our actual ceremony!

 This was the sign-in table complete with a frame my sister bought us, a guest book made by his grandma, and the album I made of our first year and how we met.
Remember last week when I mentioned decorating mason jars with his family? Here they are!
Here was our wedding venue – a local park in Fayetteville, AR.  Can you believe we reserved it for free?  Saving money is always important!
I had some very special guests at my wedding – the furbabies. Ella and Kandy did so great during the ceremony. I think we were all impressed. (I wanted to walk down the aisle with Ella but that idea got vetoed.)
 This picture is by far one of my favorites. It was taken before the wedding. Josh (my hubby) is holding my adorable little nephew. I was so glad they hit it off!
Walking down the aisle with my dad was very important to me. Notice that I kept everything casual. The wedding dress was actually found at Dillard’s after a day of searching! When I saw it, I knew it was the right dress.
I adore this picture as well.
“You may kiss the bride.” 
This picture actually shows our emotions better than the kiss. We were so happy and relieved to finally be married. I’m not going to lie – it’s stressful to move and plan a wedding at the same time. That’s a story for a different time though. Let’s just say we were glad to finally be at the end of some of this stress – and to be surrounded by both our families of course.
 This picture of our best man (his brother) and matron of honor (my sister) watching us walk off is priceless. For the record, my sister found a dress based on the color of their shirts. She couldn’t have matched them more perfectly!
One last happy shot before we go. You’ll notice my “something new” in this picture – a pawprint necklace. My dad let me pick out new jewelry for my wedding and I picked this one to remind me of Ella, since I was leaving her in SC for my move to CA. (That’s also a story for another post. I’ll simply say that I did what was best for her.)