This is going to be a montage of pictures and sharing what I did over the weekend. No fancy how to’s or fun tips today. Instead, I’m giving you a simple glimpse into the world of my life.
A couple of months ago, my friend introduced me to a bike ride event (Cycle for Sight) that was coming to Napa Valley. Her uncle is in charge of the event and it benefits a camp for the blind and a Veteran’s home in Napa. Bikes, charity, and wine? I simply couldn’t resist!
So, I loaded my bike into the back of my husband’s car (which is a slightly tragic story that ended in triumph – perhaps I’ll share someday when it’s not a sore subject) and drove to Napa for the event. In the course of all of this, I discovered that I’ve been living just 45 minutes from Napa Valley this entire time!

I went with the motto of slow and steady wins the race and stopped a couple different times to take pictures of the amazing views. After all, I was riding right along vineyards with mountains in the background! I am sure the other bikers thought I was crazy, but I really didn’t care!

For me, slow and steady did win the race (it wasn’t really a race so there wasn’t anything to win). I survived the entire 15 miles and didn’t have to stop and walk my bike. This is a huge accomplishment for my lungs and me!
Of course I took the obligatory selfie to prove that I was actually at the event. Check out my sweaty self in a helmet at the halfway stopping point.
After the riding was a big festival complete with food trucks, live music, and wine tastings. I even got a free wine glass, t-shirt, and bike water bottle out of the event. (Oh, and I got a lovely sunburn on my back from all of the time spent in the sun.)
The band was so good that we couldn’t stay seated. We spent about two hours dancing and enjoying the music. It truly was a day of fun! And the best part? I got my exercise in with no trouble for the day! (Biking and dancing…I’d say the pizza I had at the festival was okay for a cheat meal!)
Until next time, stay healthy and happy!