If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, then you know I like to travel and explore. This past weekend was a perfect example of that. One of my new friends here suggested that we drive down to Santa Cruz for the day and I can’t tell you how perfect this idea was for Saturday. I thought I’d take a few moments to give you a peek into the beauty and fun of Santa Cruz through my favorite pictures.
This is what I pictured when I realized I was moving to California!
This guy does sand art on the regular. You can find him on Facebook by searching Santa Cruz Sand. 
I finally got to see sea lions in the wild! We were so close and the baby was very cute!

There was a boardwalk full of rides, food, and games. It was a great atmosphere to walk through after lunch on the wharf with a great view of the ocean. 
We looked up attractions and headed to check out the Natural Bridge. What a cool natural occurrence! 
We went to visit the Surf Museum which is housed inside of a local lighthouse. It wasn’t open, but the view surrounding it was breathtaking. 
It took us a little while to locate where this monument was located, but it was well worth it. This surfer monument recognizes the surfer community of Santa Cruz. 
I had so much fun exploring and enjoying the breathtaking views!